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Talk to me pre/postmortem

Kevin Breunig For this app I used both voice recognition and text to speech.  When the “Say Something” button is hit, the voice recognition is called, and then all the options of what the phone though you said populate a listView.  You can then hit the “Repeat Back” button to use text to speech to […]

The Magic 7 Ball (POST)

Haley & Trey Challenges Getting Twitter to work (bigger issue than expected). Insights More steps than expected when integrating social media. Changes None Screenshots Claiming 10-Integrated Sensors 15-Multiple touch/Gesture 20-Misc: Twitter Integration

Hello, World

Ever feel that little shred of hope, wishing for that early hello, or at least a response from your device? Well, now you can enjoy such a response right from your own pocket. Hello, World, is an application that aims to implement, text to speech responses to the user just by having them type their […]

The Magic 7 Ball

Haley & Trey The Magic 7 Ball is similar to the Magic 8 Ball in almost every way, except it’s red.  Swipe or shake the device to have a response appear.  If you like the response, you can tweet your question and response! Magic! We are claiming Achievements: 10 Integrated sensors (accelerometer) 15 Multiple touches […]

UHack Application

Our application was close to being finished when we presented last Thursday. I just needed to fix the update which was a matter of fixing the update SQL method as well as packing an intent for onActivityResult method, since I did not do a singleton database object. Here are some screenshots.   Top left screenshot shows a […]

Painter app, premortem and postmortem – Ian Brown and Jake Vosters

For this app we wanted to make a paint program similar to the one you can find on any windows machine.   On the main screen you can choose from a number of preset colors. You can also use buttons to save our masterpiece or to clear the screen. If you click the paint palette, […]

Lets Talk Money – (Postmortem)

Our app allows the user to select a language (English, French, Japanese) on the home screen.  The user can follow the instructions on the next page to see currency exchange information on whichever currency and amount they selected. Pros: – Language localization was easy to work with after it was all set up and we […]

Lets Talk Money – Kristin and Maria (Premortem)

This app allows the user to select a language and then check currency conversion by year and country.  Our idea was to allow the user to pick from English, French, or Japanese.  After selecting a language, the user can then use the JSON data to see currency conversions based on the country and year.  We […]

Catch me if you can (Postmortem)

We have a game where you can move the little gingerbread man around the screen, and when he hits the sides he makes noise. Pros: – Gameloops are interesting and your tutorial was really helpful! – It was a simple and cute app to make Cons: – Sometimes getting an idea you have to work […]

Catch me if you can! – Kristin and Maria (Premortem)

So for this app, we thought we would try a gameloop!  The game starts, and you can move the gingerbread man around the screen.  :)   Background and the gingerbread man you can move:  

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