Final Project – hardymar – Design Document

Overview For my final project I’m building an application for my girlfriend. She is a speech therapist student and recently has been showing me some of the applications people in her major buy for the iPod and iPad. They seemed really simple to make and she was complain about the lack of applications for the android […]

Jahnkekm final project – NoBrandCon App

I decided to make my final project be an app that I was going to have to make either way. I work with the non-profit organization NoBrandCon, which holds a 3 day convention every year in the spring. I had offered to make an app for our attendees, so to consolidate two parts of my […]

Final Project – Design

For my final project I am hoping to implement a version of the recreational dive planner (RDP). For those not familiar with SCUBA diving, RDPs are three tables that are used to calculate the amount of time a recreational diver can safely spend at a particular depth. They look something like this: the ideal situation […]

Final Project – feltonj – Design Document

For my final project I want to create a utility my fellow nerds will find useful during their adventures in the fictitious land of Skyrim, from The Elder Scrolls series. In the game there is a mechanic that lets you combine two or more different consumable ingredients  with similar properties which results in the creation […]


The app I plan to make is an extension of my HW3 app. My last app scraped the HTML of and saved the results into the phone.  Every time the app was reloaded, the app would show the biggest changers (links that got the most points). I’d like to pull this database like feature […]

Final Project Statement – wettstaj

My final project is going to be an app that i have worked on in the past for a company i was working with this past summer called Realityworks here in town. The app is loosely called virtual baby and is suppose to be a simulation of their Real Care Baby. This app is suppose […]

Beatbox Machine- Final Project- Aaron Wirth

For my final project I’ve decided to make a “beatbox machine”. I got this idea kind of from this really awesome musician named Dubfx who creates Dubstep/beat box music with some effects pedals and a machine that loops his voice, he is really awesome so here is a link to one of his songs […]

crakerbr – Final Project – Instant Karma

For my final project I’ve decided to take the guesswork out of friendship. In most cases, it is difficult to determine the true value of a friendship, and you may worry that a friend of yours has done too many nice things for you and therefore has an edge over you or, conversely, they are […]

CS491 – Final Project – xiongchu

For my final project/application I plan on developing an informational application for Modern Warfare 3. I plan on releasing the final product to the Android Market as will as the Amazon Market. I plan on using a SQLite database to store the data and will most likely migrate to a remote database on some hosting […]

jacoblj – final Project Design

For my final project I wanted to make something I would actually use. I have decided that the perfect app to make would be an alarm clock. The one I am using at the moment has some flaws, and I think I could tailor one to my situation better. I have done a little work […]