Homework 0– App Review for Paper Toss

    App Name: Paper Toss Developer: Backflip Studios Inc Website: http://www.backflipstudios.com/ This game, though simple, can be very addicting. The idea behind this application is very simple. You have a rolled up piece of paper, and you need to throw it in the garbage and you want to see how many times you can […]

CS 491 Lecture 4 – Ketchup

Agenda Continue publication of PopMusic Get to discussion of autoporting Design Ketchup Draft non-trivial XML layout of game screen Autoporting A major feature of Android market is that you can sell your apps to people all over the world and probably in the ISS too. However, English is spoken by about only a quarter of […]

CS 491 – Homework 0 – Blaise Thompson

App Name: Dolphin Browser HD Developer Site: http://www.dolphin-browser.com/ New users to Dolphin Browser are not given any introduction into how to use the software, it has a very intuitive interface that is almost exactly like Google Chrome’s interface. The controls are really what makes this app wonderful, it has visual tabs unlike the built in Opera […]

CS491 Homework 0 – meierdg

App Name: Angry Birds              App Developer: Rovio Mobile/http://www.rovio.com/ Part of the beauty of Angry Birds lies in the fact that anyone can learn how to play it in a very small amount of time. Even if the new user isn’t told what to do, they can load the app up, press the big “Play” […]

CS491 – Homework 0 – Brian Kendzior

Application Name: Alarm Clock (Stock app) Observations: Not having an android device of my own means that I had to use the emulator for my app critique, and the emulators don’t have access to the app store! So, I chose to do a critique of the ever-exciting built-in app, Alarm Clock! New users coming to […]

kozuchaj homework 0

Name: PewPew – http://pewpewgame.blogspot.com/ Images: Discussion: There are several ways to learn how to use the app, there is a short tutorial that you can do which takes you through the basics of ship movement, Shooting, powerups, and shields (lives). Other than that there is the tried and true way of picking up the sticks […]

CS 491: Homework 0 – NFL Fantasy Football App

App Name: NFL.com Fantasy Football 2011 Developer: NFL Enterprises LLC Developers Website: www.nfl.com Platform: iOS Current Rating on Marketplace: 2.5/5 Why pick this app? This is my first year playing fantasy football. I figured the best way to keep up to date on how my team was doing is through the official NFL fantasy football […]

CS 145 Lab 2

This lab builds on your readings and lecture discussion of variables and arithmetic operators. We’ll also see two new types, Scanner and String. Before you get started: Load the workspace you made last lab. It should be on your H: drive — not C:. Make a new package named lab2 in your cs145 project. Reminder […]

CS 145 Preassignment 1 – due before Friday, 9/23

See the PDF. Download speccheck_pre1.jar. Internet Explorer has an annoying habit of renaming this file. Make sure it ends in *.jar and not *.zip.

CS 491 Lecture 3 – Publish and polish

Agenda Toggle between popped and unpopped images Play popping sounds Fullscreenify it Persist data? Autoporting to different languages and screen densities Publish app Playing media There are a couple of ways to play media using stock Android software. The class MediaPlayer is the simplest, and it can play resources given their ID. We have a […]