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Timing Android voice recognition

I was curious whether the EXTRA_MAX_RESULTS value affected the time it takes to get voice recognition results back to an Android device, so I ran a couple of quick tests. In the first, I spoke the phrase “Binky the ball bounced away” a few times each for different EXTRA_MAX_RESULTS settings. I tried 1, 5, 20, […]

CS 491 Lecture 20 – OpenGL ES

Agenda discuss the OpenGL framework develop 3-D on the desktop in C++ migrate C++ to our Android device using JNI get a lit sphere running on a mobile device OpenGL ES It comes time in everyone’s life for a little 3-D. The process of taking 3-D objects and showing them on a 2-D screen is […]

CS 145 Homework 3 – due before 12/7

See the PDF. When you download speccheck_hw3.jar, make sure the filename ends in “.jar”. Here are some example image sequences: mog.zip hand.zip Feel free to contribute your own and share your resulting images on Piazza.

CS 145 Exam 2

This exam was either: far too easy, taken by very capable students, or poorly graded. I lean toward a combination of the first two. Exam

CS 145 Lecture 21 – Our own objects

Agenda command-line arguments writing an NDeckerBurger class writing a class: Figure out what it needs to do. (Methods.) Figure out what its persistent state is. (Instance variables.) Figure out how to initialize the state. (Constructor.) midterm 2 Code CommandLineArguments.java package lecture; public class CommandLineArguments { public static void main(String[] args) { // for (int i […]

CS 145 Lab 10

Reminder Show your TA or instructor your completed checkpoints from the last lab in the first 20 minutes of this lab. Object-orientation As we’ve seen in lecture, objects are the marriage of data (instance variables, declared at the class level) and methods. Up until now, our programming has been action- or procedure-oriented. We wrote methods […]

Final Project – ezenagec – Pokemon Quiz and Info App

I’m a really big fan of Pokemon and have been playing the games since the very first one came out. So on that note, what I want to do is create an app that will have different quizzes on various aspects of Pokemon. This will include a quiz on things from the TV show, a […]

Machine Logging Utility – Easy Walkthrough – Cody Stuttgen

I work at EO Johnson Office Technologies.  They are a printer/copier leasing company.  For example, if you look at the copiers on campus you see the EO Johnson sticker on them.  While working here I noticed that some of the procedures are redundant.  One that stood out to me was when one of my coworkers […]

Final Project – thompbla – Design Document

For my final project I would like to create a simple “Mario Vs” style platforming game. I would like for it to also allow bluetooth multiplayer and possibly a simple high score board. The player will move around with a left/right on screen buttons and use two other buttons to jump and use an ability. […]

Final Project Design Document – voice-activated video player

For my final project, I’ll be building an incremental prototype that will be used for the Reader-animated storybooks research project I’m involved with. The big idea is to build a framework for multi-page animated storybooks where animation on each page is triggered by the user reading on-screen words. In the process, we will experiment with […]

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