Scribble (U and I) – Andy Hurd

For the U and I lab, I decided to make a drawing app where you can either draw alone locally, or connect via Bluetooth to another device and draw with a friend.  As the “artists” draw, paths are redrawn in layers by pushing new paths onto the local and remote path lists and can be […]

Web API – Sinfestivus – Jake Berner

My roommate keeps track of his web comics via mobile apps that are written and provided by the web comic sites they serve. One of our favorite web comics, however, did not have an app available, so I thought it would be a good project for this assignment. I call the app “Sinfestivus”, the web […]

Web API :: Tom Statz

For this assignment I thought it would be cool to create an app to pull down links from Reddit.  Basically the first Activity is for getting the assigned links and displaying the titles in a ListView.  When they are clicked an Intent is issued for the browser to visit that link.  I used a lot […]

Nogramming :: Dave Moss

For my Nogramming I decided to create some Haikus to go along with some of the lessons that we’ve had so far in this class. Enjoy! Activity done, But test the code and it fails Check the Manifest XML Layouts Simplicity and control Boo code made widgets What do you intend? Let your activity know! […]

Right-handed Coordinate System

The definitions of left- and right-handed coordinate systems never clear anything up for me. Following is my current understanding of how the systems are determined and why they are given their names. A right-handed coordinate system is one that can be modeled on your right hand. Point your index finger along the positive x-axis ([1 0 […]

Zooming to Target Rectangle

A student of mine was telling me about a sticky note app he was working on. When he tapped on a note, he wanted to animate its filling the screen. The drawing library we’re using supports all the standard transformations and includes the ability to set the pivot point about which scaling and rotation occur. […]

Nogramming – Corey Schulz

For my nogramming assignment, I decided to do a mix of a crossword puzzle and a word search. So I guess it’s a word puzzle. There is a list of words and a crossword-like board. Of course, all of the words are related to mobile development. I’m guessing it can be solved in a lot […]

Computer Graphics Proofs

Inverse of rotation/translation matrix Occasionally I need to be back out of eye space and get back to object space, so I need the inverse of my modelview matrix. Finding an arbitrary inverse is non-trivial, but finding the inverse of a matrix that simply rotates and translates is simpler. Inverting a matrix product Inverting a […]

house model

Persist :: Travis Boettcher

This was the worst assignment ever.  I’m tempted to leave my post mortem at that, but I really would like the credit for this.  I don’t know if I went about everything in exactly the wrong way or if I was just too ambitious, but this project took at least as long as the last […]