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Lab 5 Projects

John, Alex, and Michael Adam, David, and Ryan (not on the web; paste the link address into Windows Explorer) Cody, Matthew, and Thomas Cody, Corey, and Hannah Anna, Jason, and Joel

[HNRS 304.503] Lecture ? – Game plan

Agenda I asked in lab if we wanted to spend today’s lecture thinking about next semester’s project, which you will complete with your original groups. More yesses were heard than nos. So, today, plan to meet with your group. In the last ten minutes of class, I will ask each group to share the description […]

Literati – Challenges for Game Designers

“Challenges for Game Designers” is a game design book by Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schreiber. It is a lot like the book we read for class, “The Art of Game Design”, in that it spends a long time on describing and explaining the process of game design to beginning game designers. The first chapter lists […]

Sphero – Joe Simon and David Moss

Overview For our final project we would like to create a golfing app with sphero. To control the sphero, you would swing your phone like a golf club and sphero would move based on how fast you swung your phone. You would be able to aim the ball by specifying a direction on the phone. […]

Sphero Final Project :: Chris Sippel :: Cameron Bjorklund :: Tom Statz

1) Overview -We are going to design an app that will allow the user to put points on the screen and have Sphero follow the points in order they were placed. This will allow the user to draw specific shapes. WE are also going to have a screen of predefined shapes for the user to […]

SpheroPaint :: Matthew + Landon

Our Sphero project will be a painting application for Android. It’s not exactly what you’d think….we’re not using the ball as a controller for the paintbrush, nor do you drag your finger around on the screen to paint and the Sphero just stupidly follows. No, we are leveraging Augmented Reality on our application. When you […]

Sphero :: Jake Berner, Corey Schulz, and Becky Sippert

Link to PDF – sumosphero

Squirrel :: Matthew Mitchell

Yep, it’s a squirrel alright. Or a fox. Your call, really.

Persist – Jake Berner (TackyNotes)

This was by far the most difficult assignment for me. Not the persist stuff, just trying to handle the GUI stuff to make the story around it work for me. My program is a “sticky notes” application, but so-as to not get sued by 3M, I’m calling it TackyNotes. It’s essentially a wall on which […]

Nogramming :: Andy Hurd

For my Nogramming assignment, I decided to do a comic about a little android program who is absolutely pumped about his field trip today.  Enjoy!   Also, before deciding on the artifact above, I drew this nokia brick commander leading his snake warriors into battle.

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